Monday, October 28, 2013

Game 5: "Word Origami"

Last week we took the week off. Even doing what we love 12 hours a day gets exhausting after a month. So we read, rode our bike and chilled. Easy to do on Bali.

Today we started our 5th game. It's going to be a Boggle style word game. The challenges are finding a good word list, creating good game boards from it and the networking code. The rest is mostly UI work.

The word list was especially worrisome since it's completely out of our control. We need a high quality, large word list that's in public domain. So I spent a few hours googling and found not one but several good word lists. In fact, most of the word games use one of these word lists - ENABLE2K by Alan Beale. Scrabble's official word list is also in public domain!

Also not infrequently lately I've been getting into "the flow" while writing a game. "The flow" is this state of being where everything is lucid and easy. Read the book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi for more info. This means that I am becoming proficient enough in Corona SDK, and that was one of my goals for this project. Me happy!