Monday, October 14, 2013

Game 3: "Oog" Released

Game #3 is done! It was a lot of fun to figure out the physics for it, the bodies, the joints. I am amazed at how interesting the game play becomes with the addition of physics. It really makes for emergent gameplay. Here is a video of it:

As usual, I am releasing the code into open source under MIT license. The art and sounds are for your personal use only (I would love to release these into open source too, but bits and pieces of them were bought from the stocks, and come with their own licenses, and I would have no idea how to untangle that legal mess, so for your personal use only.)

I didn't find this game particularly challenging to make. Corona SDK and the physics engine Box2D do all the heavy lifting. Man, I feel like a spokesperson for them; I am not, really :)

I used Physics Editor to get the polygonal shapes for the hilly ground. Good tool. And we also use Texture Packer made by the same folks.

Liza learned a ton this week. She did all the glorious animations of Oogs frame by frame! Great personality in the little creatures.

We are both looking forward to making a full physics puzzler out of this prototype. The World of Goo was an inspiration for this game, but there is a lot of unexplored gameplay left that would make for a few more amazing games in this genre.