Sunday, October 6, 2013

Game 2: "TV Slots" released!

Alright! And we are done with game #2 - "TV Slots". This game was harder to make for both of us, took the whole 7 days. Here is a video:

We are releasing the code into open source. Enjoy! :)

I ran into two challenges while developing this game:
  1. Getting the reels scrolling realistically. The basic idea is to place two copies of each reel on top of each other and scroll both downwards. When the lower part scrolls below the viewport, translate it above the upper part (so it becomes the new upper part and the old upper part becomes the lower part). Easier said then done. I spent a couple of days getting all the scrolling working well.
  2. The reel design. This is a whole science in itself. There are folks selling software to analyze reel design for unlisted prices, I imagine in tens of thousands of $$$. Our design:

I continue being impressed with how easy it is to make games with Corona. Seemingly hard things are just trivial. For example, midway through the week, we had an idea for a simple action game based on physics. It took all of two hours to make a prototype, including reading a tutorial on making physics games )

I am noticing that a lot of the code is replicated from game to game: level selectors, player data, game data, UI, load screens, iap, experience, stars, etc. I can see how in a few months I will end up with a generic game template that takes care of all the boilerplate.