Saturday, April 19, 2014

Game #10: Released

We finished "Game" #10 where we switched roles, with me making the art and Liza writing the code. We ended up not packing up our work as a game, instead packing as much learning as possible in this week.

I loved learning 3D art and playing with Blender. So much fun! Here is the model I made:

I made this critter by following a 7 hour tutorial. The funny thing is that I thought to complete the tutorial in two days. Instead one week later I only made it through half of the tutorial. So much was virgin ground for me and exciting to experiment with. The critter for example has a toon shader I designed myself.

Liza meanwhile went through three Unity tutorials, and even published one online.

To wrap up, switching roles was an awesome idea. We have a much better appreciation for each other's work. And now we are ready for the next phase of our project...