Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Beginning

I am contemplating spending a few years developing mobile games. Seems like a fun thing to do. Always have loved gaming...

I am going to start with a deep dive. Inspired by 180 websites in 180 days my plan is to make 14 mobile games in 3 months. That's one game a week. The games will span across several genres including a platformer, a point & click adventure, a physics puzzler, a tower defense, a farm, a casino, ...?

One of my goals is to sample and learn different technologies for making mobile games. Based on some preliminary research, I want to try out Corona, Flash, Unity and native code. I might try all four, or might stick with one, we shall see.

I am lucky to have my partner Liza join me in this adventure. She will handle the art and the sound for games. For her this is as much a novel experience as it is for me, if not more.

Our goal is to make a hit game with a 100 million downloads earning a cool $1,000,000 a day... ha ha... that would be a miracle of Divine intervention... Frankly, if someone told me they are attempting to make 14 games in 3 months, I would call them crazy! )